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Senior dog

First of all we'd better define what we mean by a senior dog. We humans tend to think of ourselves as Senior Citizens when we get to the age of 60-65 years, even though the joints may start creaking a few years before this!

The 'one human year equals seven dog years' rule is an easy way to calculate and relate to your dog's age, but doesn't necessarily apply to all breeds. Large breed dogs (i.e. Great Danes) are considered a senior at 6 or 7 years of age, whereas small breeds (i.e. toy poodle), aren't considered a senior citizen until they reach into the teens of years.

Basically, if your dog is 7 years or older, you ought to be considering him or her to be at least middle aged if not senior and therefore need to consider how best to care and feed them. This is because, like humans, requirements for exercise and nutrition change with age, and there may be a case for including a food with added 'extras' for joint care.

Senior Diets

A senior diet is designed to:
- Help support the joints
- Have a higher fibre content in order to help “keep things moving”
- Reduced energy content in order to help prevent weight gain in those golden years

Light Diets

A Senior or Light Diet can also be used to….
- Help those pets who have a decreased activity level
- Help those pets who require a reduced calorific diet in order to help promote weight loss or help prevent further weight gain.
- Provide all of the essential and carefully balanced nutrition they require to support everyday health and well-being.

Highlighting Senior / Light Grain Free Turkey

JB Senior and light
- 50% Turkey – Rich in amino acids, vitamins & minerals. Turkey is a delicious source of low fat protein that your pet will love!
- Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulphate & MSM – To help promote joint repair and mobility in the overweight pet
- Added L-Carnitine – To help maintain a healthy weight and promote lean muscle development
- Protein 26%, Oil 8%, Fibre 4%, Calcium 1.3%, Phosphorus 0.9%: Kibble size 5x14mm

Turkey is an excellent source of high quality protein. This recipe has a minimum of 26% Freshly Prepared Turkey, which is highly digestible & palatable and has a high essential amino acid availability to assist in tissue growth and repair.

Our Grain Free Turkey recipe is a single protein source recipe, designed to help reduce the risk of sensitivities to ingredients which may cause digestive upsets.

Our recipe has added Omega 3 to help supply those essential fatty acids EPA and DHA which support a good skin & coat condition, as well as having links to anti-inflammatory properties and improved cognitive and visual development.

A careful blend of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM helps support joints and helps to sustain joint repair and mobility. This recipe includes L-Carnitine, an essential amino acid which can help maintain a healthy weight and contribute to lean muscle development.

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