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If you are passionate about the environment and our stewardship of the earth and its resources, then I hope that you will be at least in part reassured by the news that we share that passion, and when you buy JB Good Food then this is an environmentally friendly purchase!

Let's look at the normal route that pet food takes:

1) It is manufactured in a plant that uses a lot of water, and that waste water has to be disposed of as it has a high biological impact if allowed to get untreated into water courses and rivers.

2) Food is transported by road from factory to wholesaler.

3) Food is transported from wholesaler to retail pet shop.

4) Customers have to drive to pet shop to buy food.

Compare that to the route JB Good Food takes

1) JB Good Food is manufactured in an environmentally friendly factory with state of the art recycling and waste water treatment.

environmentally friendly factory

The investment and construction has been on a truly massive scale, with water treatment works and 3 biofilters (each the size of an Olympic swimming pool) being at the heart of the facility.

All air and water is cleaned and recycled on site, reducing the factory's environmental impact on its neighbours and the local rural surroundings. The factory site comprises 27 hectares of land bordering the designated Biological Heritage Site of the River Douglas in West Lancashire.

The manufacturer has entered into a Habitat Creation & Management Plan that provides major benefits in terms of additional planting, the creation of wetland areas and species rich grasslands to encourage nesting and foraging bird species.

Detailed management plans will continue to maintain biodiversity for many years to come through extensive planting of 10,000 native trees and shrubs. There is also an award-winning on-site packaging recycling plant which separates paper, cardboard and plastics so dramatically reducing landfill waste.

2) Food is delivered direct from the factory to you wrapped safely in a strong cardboard box which is of course bio-degradable.

Makes common (green) sense!

ps. Oh, our web hosts use renewable energy sources for their data centres, and the office here is (weather permitting) powered by solar pv!

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